There was disappointment in the store for fifty lakh central government employees and the same number of retired people who were waiting for the minimum wage and increase in fitness factor beyond the 7th Pay Commission's recommendations. There was a lot of speculation that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could give some good news in the budget of his last Independence Day as Prime Minister in this period. Many people believed that in view of good monsoon and positive economic factors, a positive announcement could take place a few months before the general elections.

While Prime Minister Modi told how the Indian economy would be a powerhouse in the next three decades, they had no news for government employees.

Finance Minister P Radhakrishnan had earlier said in the Lok Sabha that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government is planning to not raise any minimum wage for the minimum wage beyond the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. However, the Haryana Government has approved the salary and education recommendations of teaching and non-education employees from January 1, 2015 in government universities, government universities and government-aided colleges.
The General Government has announced increment of salary for 17 lakhs state employees from January 2019 to 7th Pay Commission. . Clearly, the Central Government employees are also expecting some positive news. It can be noted that the government can announce such a decision at any time, and it does not need to be done on a particular day. It can come close to the high heel in the election.

This Is The Easiest Process To Make Photo Changes In The Base Card, Only Rs 15 Will Be Spent.

Yuletility Desk, Ahmedabad: At present, the central government has ordered the Aadhar card to be attached to every required documents, it has been compulsory to add a support number with a document ranging from a pen card to a mobile number. For this, there is also a long line of people’s support centers. Besides name, address, you can also change your photo in the base card. You have to spend only 15 rupees for this.

Often old or bad photo is printed because the base card is not considered valid, here it is shown that the process of change has been made.


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