No matter what x-ray you want from your mobile phone, you can add some parts of the X-ray

X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator is an entertainment app which lets you carry out fake X-ray scans on your friends.
Remember that this app is not a real x-ray machine, but only a simulator, which some of your friends may take as a real roentgen scanner.
Do Surprise everyone and also get yourself fun with funny X-Ray using X-Ray camera scanner prank app. You can tell that you know what their secrets and desires by using this x-ray body scanner prank.
X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator is the perfect prank application to play on friends and family.
It’s a real trick to make fun with your friends and make your relative fool.
X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator application is a prank fake xray scanner to trick your friends that you have awesome phone app that can X-Ray their left hand.
► Put your hand behind your phone.

► Start X-Ray app.
► Click the photo of your friend by adjust your friend’s body with the blue print of body shown in the camera.
► A laser beam will go over your hand.
► Tilt your phone up or down to scroll up or down the x-ray image.
Available different body parts to scan: head, hand, foot, cheats.
Future Instruction
► Place your phone over your left hand, foot, Head, Chest, Stomach
► Open X-Ray scanner application.
► Tilt up phone to scroll up xray image.
► Tilt down phone to scroll down.
► Get fun with X-Ray Prank!!!!!
Instructions :-
– Open X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator application.
– Point the camera at the person’s hand. The fingers need to keep apart!
– You will see the bones of the hand, palm and fingers.
– You can move your hand and fingers.
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true xray scanning functionality.
Disclaimer – X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator Funny is a prank application with no medical significance.
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