Is Your SIM card In Your Own Name ...? Check Out This Way...VTV Gujarati

Is Your SIM card In Your Own Name ...? Check Out This Way...VTV Gujarati

While purchasing any SIMcard, we are very careful that no stranger is using SIM card based on our document. Here's a solution to this problem: You can check with just 3 steps that the SIM card you are using is named. Here are a few steps to follow, which will tell you who your SIM card is named after compliance.

India has the second largest telecommunication system and there are more than 929.37 million mobile phone users in India as of 2012 (Reference: Wikipedia). Using this article you will learn how to trace owner name, location, operator of a mobile number inside India. I found several ways to trace mobile number but most of the websites, restrict the users to view the owner of the mobile phone. But soon i discovered a good website that shows even the name of the mobile number along with the map location. If you are not from INDIA then use this cell phone number lookup for free

Every company, such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Geo, currently working in India, is easily accessible on Google Play Store. By downloading this application and following the following things, you will know who is seam. We will talk about geo applications .....

Even thought the location of the number was incorrect I found that the owner’s name was absolutely right. I was wondering how did they get the details of a number which was not on any of the social networks? Finally, when i was staring at their page i found out a download link which allows you to download this application to the mobile phone. Ah!! Now it’s clear how they were able to fetch details.
When someone downloads their application and install it on their mobile phone, this website truecaller scans all of their contacts from their mobile phone and saves them to the truecaller’s contacts directory. The website also provides you a small video clipping showing you how it’s done. If you feel it’s unsafe to have your name on their directory, then you can simply remove your number from their website by following the below procedure.

Know Simcard Owner Name
1. First download the My Jio App from the Google Play Store by going to the Play store. If you want some permissions after downloading the app, please allow it.

2. After the app is installed on your phone, you will have to enter your mobile number. As you type your mobile number, your mobile will get an OTP. Let it burn in the OTP episode. After dismissing this, your new account will be opened.

3. Now in my jio app there will be three lines in the upper left corner. That's your profile. It will be found in the name of the name of the SIMcard which will be registered as registered. A number with the name will also be seen written.

4. You can also upload your photo next to the name in the profile.

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