Whatsapp new features: share any tyoe of files

Whatsapp new features: share any tyoe of files

So far you are sharing photos, videos, word documents and PDF files using WhatsApp. Files which were not available in WhatsApp support were uploaded first to the cloud to share files. Then there was a link to download for download. Apart from this, other options are available as soon as you want, you can share this file with somebody using Third Party Apparas. But now it seems that WhatsApp has decided that its users will no longer have to rush to share any files.

According to sources, the company is testing to transfer every file. This test is running in Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. After the new feature comes, any kind of file can be shared using WhatsApp.

It has been claimed that some users of India, Japan, Kuwait and Sri Lanka are using this feature but some users are still deprived of this feature. Hopefully WhatsApp will rollout this feature for every user in the future.

After this new feature comes, different video formats, MP3 songs and APK files can also be shared using WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp, you can share good quality videos and photos without having to worry.

It is worth mentioning here that more recently a feature is to be added soon to the Wootset, which allows users to transfer money.

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